TAPS Reports available on CD


Product Summary

Effective target marketing requires accurate travel agency point of sale information. TAPS reports are generated from ticket sales information provided by the Airlines Reporting elsewhere. Interline point of sales information provided by the carrier can also be incorporated into the TAPS reports to provide a more complete revenue picture. TAPS reports can also be generated using carrier provided "flown" revenue data.

TAPS reports provide both field and staff management with the information necessary to set goals and measure travel agency performance on a national, regional, district or individual territory basis. The monthly TAPS reports are provided within three weeks of the end of the ARC or other BSP's ticketing sales period including all revenue validated on the carrier and reported by the agencies through their area settlement banks. Revenues from either CTO sales or a carrier's own ticket stock can be integrated into the TAPS reports to form a more comprehensive revenue picture. The geographic separation of territories are tailored to the individual specifications of the airline. Since these reports involve a high degree of individual carrier customization, we can also develop ancillary reports based on the sales data that a carrier may require.

Key Features

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