Product Summary

TATS is an electronic account record card system, complete with current/historic travel agency account revenue and carrier market share, designed for use by field sales, telemarketers, administrative or accounting staff - anyone who calls on or interacts with the travel community. TATS is a productivity tool that frees sales staff to do their primary job - sell. The TATS software can be installed on a stand alone personal computer, the file server of a local area network (LAN), or a laptop PC and enables users to electronically:

Key Features

TATS contains detailed travel agency profile information from the ARC generated database including:

In addition to the above information that is embedded into the system, space is provided for input of additional agency information by the user, such as:

The travel agency profile database is updated monthly by computer diskette which automatically updates all ARC approved travel agency additions, deletions and changes of address.

TATS incorporates current month and year to date revenue production as well as travel agency market share data from individual accounts. The travel agency revenue production and market share information are updated on diskette monthly.

TATS also permits the user to generate selected reports by agency or territory based on profiles, call records, ticket plate issuance, fare agreement, or free and reduced rate ticket usage. Mailing labels of specific territories, districts or regions can also be generated.

Space is provided to record personal, fax or telephone contacts and comments regarding travel agency accounts. TATS can significantly reduce the tedious paper trail associated with traditional sales management.

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